OUR RETREATS (All retreats postponed indefinitely)


We are excited to share our practice with you!

Phoebe Schiff

When I was a senior in college, I took my first yoga class and experienced an interesting paradox: I felt completely at home doing something I’d never done before. (Learn more…)

Tracey Coleman

One of my favorite quotes is, β€œWe’re all just walking each other home,” by Ram Dass. This is what teaching yoga feels like to me. It is my honor and privilege to help walk people home. (Learn more…)

Shara Kendrick

My passion for yoga began with a self-guided practice and an intuitive understanding of movement, exploring formal flow through foundational sun-salutations. (Learn more…)

Natasha Wightman

My hope as a teacher is to share what I love most about yoga: how it can create a foundation for physically, mentally, or spiritually going where you have not been before. (Learn more…)